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Tax Data

Tax Data for Milton Township Residents

Milton Township has teamed up with BS&A internet services to bring you online property tax data. This service is unlimited and available 24/7. We currently accept all major credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks. The following transaction fees apply: Credit/debit cards;  3% , electronic checks; $3.00 (up to $10,000.) or $10.00 (over $10,000.)

All delinquent taxes are turned over to Antrim County each year on March 1st and payment must be sent to Antrim County. Contact Antrim County Treasurer @ 231-533-6720 for payoff amounts.

Instructions to view tax status, amounts due/paid, or pay taxes online;

1 – To get started, Click here .
2 – To Pay Current
Tax Due: Select Name, Address or Parcel #
-OR –
2 – To View Current and Prior years, scroll up to the secondary option and select: Name, Address or Parcel # then select “Tax Information” tab.
3 – Next Screen; Select applicable parcel.
4- Next Screen; To pay current year taxes due: select; “Pay Now” and follow the instructions to pay with credit card, debit card or electronic check. 

Understanding Proposal A | Guidelines for Principal Residence Exemption

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